Sector Research

Veda publishes regular research exclusively for our clients on current and likely future policy actions and trends affecting sectors under our purview. Written under the compliance supervision of IRC Securities, a FINRA Broker Dealer, we focus on themes, legislative and regulatory actions, and projected outcomes with an eye on the qualitative and quantitative impact to affected sectors, subsectors, companies, and equity and credit investors.

Due Diligence Analysis

Veda provides company-specific due diligence analysis for investors to understand the policy-related risks and opportunities affecting an acquisition target’s services or products. We also work directly with companies engaged in capital raises to detail quantitative market opportunities, policy-related risks and opportunities.

Consulting Projects

Veda engages with clients on consulting projects to quantify the impact of critical policy proposals and inform investors of broad risks and opportunities affecting specific sectors and subsectors. Our consulting work aims to measure the relative risk of various outcomes and the likely impact of such outcomes on the revenue and earnings potential of a class of industries or companies.

Public Presentations & Events

Veda’s employees are in high demand for public and private speaking engagements. We frequently present to institutional investors, corporations, analysts, policy experts, and others on topics broad and specific within our areas of expertise. We also host policy days, webinars and conference calls.