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Veda Partners

Veda Partners provides federal policy expertise to institutional investors and corporations in the public and private markets. Our team combines decades of experience in capital markets and federal policymaking to deliver best-in-class research, due diligence, and consultancy for the deployment of capital in heavily regulated sectors.

We offer our clients the detailed knowledge necessary to invest with foresight and understanding of the policy-related risks and opportunities resulting from past, present, and likely future government actions.

Areas of Expertise:

Macroeconomic Policy

Data surrounding capital issues related to taxation...

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Healthcare Policy

Market-focused healthcare policy...

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Special Situations

Working for the wisest outcome in every...

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Our Services:


Veda personnel frequently present to institutional investors, corporations, analysts, policy experts, and others on topics broad and specific within our areas of expertise.

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Veda publishes research exclusively for our clients on current and likely future policy actions and trends. We focus on themes, legislative and regulatory actions, and projected outcomes with an eye on the qualitative and quantitative impact to affected sectors, subsectors, and companies.

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Due Diligence

Veda provides company-specific due diligence analysis to help investors understand the policy-related risks and opportunities affecting an acquisition target’s services or products. We also work directly with companies engaged in capital raises to detail quantitative market opportunities and policy-related risks.

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Veda's consulting work aims to measure the relative risk of various outcomes and the likely impact of such outcomes on the revenue and earnings potential of a class of industries or companies.

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