Macroeconomic Policy

Economic policy encompasses trillions of dollars in capital across all investment sectors globally and includes issues of taxation, trade and tariffs, budget and appropriations, the national debt and deficit, and a host of government spending initiatives.

Veda’s Director of Economic Policy Research, Henrietta Treyz, has over 20-years of experience working on both Capitol Hill and for investment firms. She has covered fiscal policy, elections, tax, trade, and immigration policy through multiple administrations.

Healthcare Policy

Veda Partners provides market-focused healthcare policy analysis to institutional investors, private equity, and venture capital. Our goal is to help clients identify market inefficiencies and investible opportunities resulting from underlying regulatory, policy, and marketplace trends.

Veda’s Director of Healthcare Policy Research, Spencer Perlman, has over 25-years of experience in healthcare policy and analysis. He has worked on Capitol Hill, provided analysis to hospitals, health systems, patient advocacy organizations, and biotechnology firms, and co-led the healthcare research team at a policy-focused investment bank.

Special Situations

The Federal Government and Congress can create substantial opportunity and risk for investors in industries subject to federal oversight. Veda Partners’ special situations work aims to address emerging policy areas where we believe we can be relevant. We have expertise in a range of topics, such as federal and state cannabis policies, housing reform, and FDA regulation of combustible and electronic cigarettes. The Veda team's knowledge of federal policy and network in Washington, DC allows us to quickly identify the drivers of new regulatory concepts, measure the political will to implement government oversight and regulation, and project the likelihood of enactment of new policies.